Workforce Planning and Compliance.

Mathematically Optimized.

SCEDAS® is a decision support system which assists planners to calculate detailed work schedules for every seaman.

The challenge

A complex planning problem.

Crew sizes have been decreasing on ships for many years due to efficiency requirements and technological modifications. Shipping companies face several risks arising from non-compliance incidents relating to work and rest hours rules.

Due to a large number of influencing factors like higher port frequencies or increasing administrative work the reliable determination of crew size creates a complex planning problem.

SCEDAS® addresses this problem.

Calculation of detailed work schedules

The solution

SCEDAS® means safe ship operations.

We developed a decision support system which assists planners to calculate detailed work schedules for every seaman – mathematically optimized with powerful algorithms, ready to use on land and on-board. SCEDAS® consists of three modules for different tasks. Watch the video or read more below to learn more.

SCEDAS® Office

In the office module, necessary manpower demands per ship depending on a specific port schedule, resulting workloads and compliance rules are calculated. The output is the required number of seafarers for each position with a detailed work schedule. This work schedule should ensure that compliance requirements are fulfilled.

SCEDAS® Onboard

In daily shipping it is likely that original planning will be more or less changed by unpredictable events (e.g. the pilot boat arrives three hours later than expected). The onboard module addresses this fact by constantly updating the work schedule during the voyage. Actual work hours records of every crew member in combination with realtime voyage situations are considered enabling short term recovery from non - compliance incidents.

SCEDAS® Reporting

This module provides reports (e.g. time sheets) for external inspections and company internal controlling purposes (e.g. compliance reports per ship or fleet).



SCEDAS® voyage management

A solution for a holistic voyage management


SCEDAS® Timekeeper

Efficient use of data


Support of the crew management of Carnival Maritime

Now, SCEDAS® supports Carnival Maritime's planners with the calculation of detailed work plans.


CrewConnect Europe 2020 Conference

We will present SCEDAS® at the CrewConnect Europe 2020 Conference in Amsterdam


White Paper released

White Paper Maintenance Management released



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